Bulk CBD Isolate Available

CBD isolate can be added to an existing extract to increase the available CBD, and be used to compound other products.

All CBD isolate offered here will be 99%+ purity with labs. We provide Certificate of Authenticity and all relevant information upon request.

The isolate originates from all legal hemp farming states, a majority of which comes from processors in Colorado and Oregon. 

Current lab-direct CBD Isolate Available

Lot A1: CBD isolate 99.47%+

Lot A1: 99.47%+ CBD

CBD:   99.47%

CBDV:   0.31%

Total cannabinoids: 99.78%

Prices [subject to change daily]

10 to 25 kilograms        $5,750

25 to 50 kilograms        $5,500

50 to 100 kilograms      $5,300

100 to 500 kilograms    $5,100

500 to 1000 kilograms  $5,000

1000+ kilograms            $4,950

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Prices/Availability subject to change daily

Once a specific Lot of CBD has been contracted, we remove the information as soon as possible. Prices may change as noted from batch to batch.

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*A Lot of CBD isolate can be sold and not yet taken off the platform. We update all Lots offered on a daily basis. 

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