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We host available Lots of CBD flowers, isolate, distillate and full spectrum oils, presented with a standard profile and pricing. 

Each Lot of CBD has a Certificate Of Authenticity, lab reports, photo(s) and more, available upon request. See the menu bar for direct access.

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If you are in search of quality CBD products, our vetted brands are worth comparing with any brands available on the market. 

From price per milligram to free deliveries, we've done the research and will be adding new products as we set up merchant processing.

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An initial consultation is free and we can give you a general review in a brief email and follow-up phone call. Visit our Contact Us page for details.

Find answers to health questions, startup/invest in a hemp business, expand your existing brand; we're in business to help you succeed. CBD dosing and product advice for free.

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Customer Reviews

ABCD CBD OIl Is Amazing

Hi Everyone,  I want to share with you the success I have had with the ABCD CBD oil. Last May I woke up with severe pain and swelling in my index, middle and little finger on my right hand. Three doctors and they couldn't figure out what the cause was or how it happened. First they thought gout, but all the tests stated that was negative. They then said rheumatoid arthritis but once again the tests could not confirm that diagnosis. They decided to treat it as arthritis and wanted me on prednisone and arthritis medication. I refused and decided to use the oil instead. I'm happy to say that my middle finger is completely healed, the little finger is almost there. My index finger still looks a little weird but there is no pain and I'm able to use it again. The oil works!!!! Thank you Jon for all you do!!!   ~  Terrie S.   Verified Reviewer   5 star rating   02/01/19

I'm a believer!! I have RA and take this CBD oil. I've cut my meds in half and am thinking of quitting them all together. I've tried other oils, candies, gum, etc. from the local pot shops and nothing worked for me until I began the 1800 cbd oil. I wouldn't use any other oil and highly recommend it to others.  ~  Marilyn   Verified Reviewer   5 star rating   09/01/18

Very impressed

Tripped and fell in March and ended up with a reverse shoulder replacement surgery - (you can google for the gory details, LOL) - didn't want to stay on the oxy - in fact, had cut pills into quarters, and extended out the times between, but still pain. Moved off the oxy to a turmeric pain reliever, and it helped, but still woke up in the middle of the night in pain (as I had with the oxy) - Got my 1800 and tried 20 drops the first morning and was pain free almost immediately and pretty much all day. And that was the day after PT - which is usually more painful than usual. Today I did 10 drops, and am still pain free. (Shoulder still feels like I have a bowling ball in it, but the pain is gone) - tomorrow I'll half it again and see if that works. Can't recommend this more highly.  ~  Pam G.   Verified Reviewer   5 star rating   05/12/18

Fantastic product!This CBD tincture is wonderful!! I use for sleep and also for shoulder pain during the day. It works immediately when taken under the tongue. What is so thrilling is that this can be used during the day without getting high. I know that this product is very well made and without toxins, which is extremely important to me and it is infused with coconut oil to allow for absorption. Definitely recommend this product and will be purchasing again when this is gone.   ~   Debbie C.   Verified Reviewer   5 star rating   03/02/17

5 pages of great reviews at http://www.PremierExtracts.com 

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The reviews are outstanding and satisfied customers rave about the superior benefits of an alcohol-extraction vs a CO2 extraction. To get full details on this high-quality CBD brand, just click below. 

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