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Wholesale CBD

We host available Lots of CBD flowers, isolate, distillate and full spectrum oils, presented with a standard profile and pricing. 

Each Lot of CBD has a Certificate Of Authenticity, lab reports, photo(s) and more, available upon request. See the menu bar for direct access.

Retail CBD

If you are in search of quality CBD products, our vetted brands are worth comparing with any brands available on the market. 

From price per milligram to free deliveries, we've done the research and will be adding new products as we set up merchant processing.

Getting You Started

An initial consultation is free and we can give you a general review in a brief email and follow-up phone call. Visit our Contact Us page for details.

Find answers to health questions, startup/invest in a hemp business, expand your existing brand; we're in business to help you succeed.

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The Hemp Consultants


Are you interested in becoming a Hemp Consultant?

Consulting is simply providing information in a specific field. If you are interested in becoming educated enough to consult in hemp, we can help you with our in-house programs!

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No matter what you are seeking, if it is hemp related, we can help you source it. Please don't hesitate, we offer free consultations for first-time contacts. 

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