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Hemp as a Medicine

The primary objective of The Hemp Consultants is to inform. The initial format was to separate the industrial grade hemp from the medicinal grade hemp, but we have decided to include a section on hemp flowers, which many know more familiarly as marijuana and less by their original name, cannabis. For the purposes on our website, we will always refer to marijuana as cannabis, unless being used in a quote. Here is a brief introduction to the medicinal qualities of cannabis hemp, as we will not delve into the recreational use on this forum.

The flowers from the hemp plant are simply herbs, which will bear seed if the plants are grown into the latter part of the growing season. These flowering herbs, or buds as they are often referred to, possess several medicinal qualities that have at times baffled conventional medicine but have been employed for millennia around the world. These qualities are found in various compounds of the plant, called cannabinoids.

The following mix of information will consist of short testimonials of a few paragraphs each, from those who claim using an oil extracted from the flowers of the cannabis hemp plant helped put their cancer into remission and keeps their cancer at bay. If you aren't into testimonials, there is also information regarding the endocannabinoid system, which is a network of receptors that run throughout the human body (all of us), as well as through most all creatures on Earth tested to date. The purpose of this cannabis receptor network is but one, and that is to capture proteins from the cannabis flowers after being ingested. The receptor network, to the knowledge of science, has no other value than to process and somehow use cannabinoids however the body sees fit. We don't fully understand the endocannabinoid system, we just know it is there, inside all of us. From our brains to our backbones. 

The Medicinal Compounds In Cannabis Herbs Known To Date

THC - Tetra-Hydra-Cannabinol
CBD - Cannabidiol
CBN - Cannabinol

More are being identified as research expands. 2013 is looking promising.

 What is Cannabis Oil?  

Cannabis Oil is one of the terms given to the viscous oil which is extracted from cannabis flowers through a distillation process. Mixing cannabis and a solvent together with a heat source, the process yields approximately 60 grams of Cannabis Oil per pound of cannabis.

There are various solvents that can be used. One solvent that is well-known but a bit controversial is the use of Naphtha. This solvent is preferred by the man who brought this extraction method into the limelight. His name is Rick Simpson, and the Cannabis Oil made using his process is often referred to as Rick Simpson Oil, or RSO, or simply hemp oil as he likes to call it. The controversy is that Naphtha is an industrial solvent, and when trying to get the medical community to accept a medicinal oil, using paint thinner may not be the best solvent to choose.

Another method used to produce Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) is when grain alcohol is used as the solvent. The grain alcohol is often Everclear, but other alcohols can be used if grain alcohol is not available. This process means the oil is made with 100% food-grade products and is the healthiest of all Cannabis Oils to consume. It also extracts more of the cannabinoids out of the plant than does any other method, or it is believed by many.

Since no clinical studies have been done as of yet, the results must be generated from independent reports from people who claim that using cannabis oil treated their cancer.

Below are five individual testimonies on how cannabis cancer treated their dis-ease. 1) Cancer  2) Cancer   3) Cancer   4) Cancer   5) Cancer

How I treated my cancer with Cannabis Oil   by Corrie Yelland    Vancouver, BC

How I treated my Breast Cancer with Cannabis Oil

How I treated my Skin Cancer with Cannabis Oil

How I am treating my leukemia with Cannabis Oil

How I am treating my Fybromyalgia with Cannabis Oil

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