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HEMP 101 Reasons

Here are 101 reasons why the United States should re-legalize hemp farming. These facts come in handy when trying to give someone a quick introduction to the hemp topic during a casual conversation.

   1) "Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere" ~ George Washington

   2) "We shall, by and by, want a world of hemp more for our own consumption" ~ John Adams

   3) "Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country" ~Thomas Jefferson

   4) One acre of farmed hemp produces more paper-making material than four acres of mature trees

   5) Henry Ford manufactured a car out of hemp that was ten times more durable than a steel counterpart

   6) Hemp can be manufactured into more than 25,000 products in the current marketplace

   7) Hemp can be manufactured into a bio-degradable plastic

   8) The USS Constitution had more than 60 tons of hemp materials needed to operate and navigate

   9) The first flag of the United States sewn by Betsy Ross was made of hemp fabric

 10) Hemp is the longest, strongest plant fiber on the planet

 11) Hemp is naturally mold and mildew resistant
 12) Hemp is naturally pest resistant and can be manufactured into non-toxic pesticides

 13) Hemp paper is more durable than tree paper and doesn't require bleach or chlorine to process

 14) George H.W. Bush's parachute that saved his life during WWII was made of hemp fabric

 15) Hemp can be processed into fuel and run diesel engines with cleaner emissions than oil-based fuels

16) From 1000 BC to the late 1800s, hemp was one of the top agricultural crops in the world economy

17) Hemp pellets burn at between 5,000 and 8,000 BTUs per pound, similar to wood pellets

18) Hemp fabric is more absorbent than cotton fabric

19) One acre of hemp can be processed into 1,000 gallons of alcohol fuel

20) Hemp grows from seed to harvest in 60-120 days and can often produce two crops per grow season

21) Hemp is a great phytoremediator and has been used to clean up toxic grounds such as in Chernobyl

22) Hemp fiber is three times stronger than cotton fiber

23) In 1850 America, more than 8,000 plantations (minimum 2,000 acres) were farming hemp

24) Mankind farmed hemp for fiber as far back as 8000 BC in the Cradle of Civilization

25) Benjamin Franklin started one of America's first paper mills using hemp fiber

26) The US Constitution was drafted on hemp paper

27) The majority of ship sails from 500 BC to the mid-1800s were made of hemp fabric

28) Up through the 1880s, 75% - 90% of the world's paper was made from hemp

29) Russia supplied 80% of the western world's hemp from 1740-1940

30) Up until the 1930s, 70% - 90% of the world's cordage (ropes, twine, string) were made from hemp

31) In Colonial days, hemp could be used to pay taxes in America

32) The majority of paintings up into the 20th century were painted on hemp canvas

33) Rag paper, which can be made from recycled hemp fibers, is the longest lasting paper ever made

34) More than 50% of all textiles and fabrics consumed into the 19th century were made from hemp

35) Hemp seed contains easily digestible protein similar to that found in blood plasma

36) From 1942 - 1946 American farmers produced over 200,000 tons of hemp fiber for the war effort

37) Hemp seed oil boosts the immune system

38) Hemp seed oil is similar to linseed (flax seed) oil, which is used globally for numerous applications 

39) Hemp seed oil is low in saturated fats and high in total essential fatty acids (that is a great thing)

40) Hemp plants grown densely will have a solid root base up to 30 inches deep

41) Farming hemp on 6% of the contiguous US land could supply fuel for all our annual energy needs

42) Hemp yields about 10 tons of biomass per acre per harvest

43) American farmers who grew hemp during WWII were exempt from military service, as were their sons

44) The Kentucky 4-H clubs (students) were asked to help grow America's hemp seed crop in 1943

45) American farmers are subsidized NOT to farm on more than 90 million acres of viable land

46) 100 BC, China makes paper out of hemp and mulberry, two plants in the same family

47) 770 AD, China develops the first printed book "Dharna" on 100% hemp paper

48) In 1500 BC, Scythians farm hemp and develop a harvesting tool known as the scythe

49) Egyptians began to spin hemp in 4000 BC

50) Viking graves reveal hemp cloth and fishing line circa 850 AD

51) Spaniards in 1500 AD established the first western paper mill using hemp in the region known as Xativa

52) Hemp was carried by Jamestown settlers and cultivated in the Virginia colony in 1611 AD

53) Hemp pulp, known as hurd, is more than 77% cellulose, the highest percentage of any plant on earth

54) Hemp fiberboard is wind-rated over 130 mph and is superior to conventional plywood

55) Hemp concrete is lighter yet stronger than conventional concrete

56) Hemp plants are drought-resistant and can survive variable climate conditions

57) Hemp seed meal has been used as a high-protein feed for livestock

58) Hemp seed protein contains 65% globulin edestin. A very positive health benefit

59) Growing cotton in America requires more than 300 million tons of pesticides each and every year

60) The majority of religious texts are written or printed on hemp paper

61) Kimberly-Clarke, an American paper manufacturer, cultivates hemp in Europe 

62) In Colonial America, you could be jailed for refusing to farm hemp

63) Houses and buildings can be completely constructed using hemp lumber, concrete and insulation

64) Hemp seed was once the leading bird seed in the United States

65) Hemp seed oil was once a primary source of lighting oil in the world


Complete list of 101 coming soon!

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