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Amendment 28

In the late 1990s we attempted to assemble a core group of experts in the various fields of hemp and present discussions and debates with various groups that were not supportive of re-legalizing hemp or who simply lacked knowledge on the subject. Although this group, The Hemp Commission, did not come to fruition, the potential impact of a traveling committee of experts would have been an extremely valuable tool in expanding the awareness of hemp and it's benefits both past and present. The Hemp Commission featured representatives who were well-known in the pro-hemp camp and we regret not pursuing it more feverishly. 

Today we are proposing to add an important piece to the instruction manual we know as the Constitution. One of our reasons for advocating for this inclusion is that we believe had the Founding Fathers ever conceived the unimaginable thought that someday hemp would be Prohibited, They would have included a similar Article to the Constitution themselves.  From the first three Presidents:

"Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere" ~ George Washington

"We shall, by and by, want a world of hemp more for our own consumption" ~ John Adams

"Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country" ~Thomas Jefferson

Proposed 28th Amendment to the U,S. Constitution

By the likely will of the Founding Fathers, We the People do declare that the hemp plant be recognized as the national staple crop of the United States and that cultivating hemp shall be a right of the People never to be infringed upon by any domestic or foreign entities, government or individual. Hemp shall be deemed free from Prohibition as of today's date, April 20, 2013.

That is it in a nutshell, or a hemp seed hull. This nation was founded on the premise that the hemp plant could provide for all our basic needs. It is clear in the words of our trifecta of pioneering Presidents that the hemp plant was and should be the primary staple crop in not only the United States but the world over. The nutrition from the seed, the amazingly high cellulose content in the pulpy hurd, the strength of the bast fiber. A perfect plant to self-sustain a civilization for which it has already proven to have done for much of mankind's evolution throughout history.

We will have a petition available to sign if you would care to support the cause. We hope to present this to Congress members once we reach a significant number of signatures. We hope to have this up soon so please check back again soon.

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